derek pyle’s web page


welcome to my web-page-in-progress
here you can learn about all about me.

actually, you can’t learn ALL about me. you can learn a little about me, though.

who am i?

you won’t find out from a website. just like i won’t find out who you are from a website. but you could write to me, i guess. my email is to kickstart the conversation, here’s some stuff that might inspire, prompt, evoke, or upset you.

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incomplete sketches of me

in my teens, i wrote a lot of poetry. i also printed letterpress poetry as half of jubilation press. you can check out some of our work here. people seem to like my poem “dumpster meditation.”

in college i was very involved in drug and alcohol “harm reduction.” i tried to encourage & support people to live the right way within the intricacies of own their bodies&minds&hearts. but the right way is different for different people. i put together a booklet of people writing about all these kinds of things, from their own experience. the emphasis is on the painful stuff though, cuz that’s sometimes harder to talk about. unlike a lot of booklets trying to help people think about their relationship to drugs and alcohol, this one is not an abstinence-only thing. but that can be a good way to live too, so it’s not excluded either.

but when we meet, today in 2017, you can buy me a beer. or i will buy you a beer. or coffee or tea or we can just drink water. whatever you’re into. doesn’t really matter to me. but i hope we can talk about whatever that thing is, what you’re into. we can do all the good shit: laugh, cry, be stupid&silly, and try not to kill each other — all while talking about robots&outer space&medieval-hair-shirt-wearing-mystics&the muppets&the time nixon met elvis&how we’re all stardust come alive&why we should stop turning ourselves into brands, and all the other good stuff.

in my mid-twenties, now, i organize a project setting james joyce’s finnegans wake to music, working with all kinds of wondrous & strange people. we give away all the audio for free on our website. here’s a nice interview about the project. ed captured well my perspective on the proj in the early stages. the guardian captured our spirit pretty good in the middle stages — plus look at that photo!

recently i wrote an article about how federal courts work to make public documents less-than-public. which is also about how technology can be used by governments, and how we can use technology to make the world more transparent and open (hopefully). stuff like that matters.

but just cuz you came to my website to find out what i think or who i am or whatever and i am now telling you doesn’t mean i got it all figured out. anyone who tells you that is a liar and you should be suspicious of them. and anyone who tells you who to be suspicious of, you should be suspicious of that person too, definitely. get it?


my business card says “nourish your inner world & follow your weird.” i also think if you are into pop music&reality tv&football&dimestore novels&refrigerator maintenance manuals, that’s cool too. just try not be an asshole. if you are an asshole, try to figure out why. it might be a long road, but don’t give up! i’m an asshole too, sometimes. & you can always be an asshole in your own head, cuz it’s your business whatever the fuck you do up there.

also, see above, about when we meet.


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